Buffalo Check Paper Flower Wreath

There are two parts to this wreath project: wrapping the wreath and making the paper flowers.

Table of Contents

 Part 1 

Make a foam wreath form first. Cut three to four-inch strips of fabric, then begin wrapping it around the foam by pinning one end of the strip into place. Pin the ends of the fabric strip into place when you get to the end. Continue doing this until the foam is completely covered.

Buffalo Check Paper Flower Wreath

In order to hide the pins when the wreath is hanging on my door, I made an effort to keep them all on the back of the wreath form.

Buffalo Check Paper Flower Wreath

 Part 2 

The paper flowers need to be made next. I utilized my favorite crafting instrument of all time— the. You really need one if you don’t already have one.

Cut the cardstock patterns using the cut files you downloaded from the Silhouette Design Store. This is what I cut with:

  • Rolled Carnation
  • Rolled Daisy
  • Rolled Rose

However, the Design Store has dozens of floral shapes, so go ahead and look for the ones you like the best.

Buffalo Check Paper Flower Wreath

To create a rolled paper flower, do the following:

Buffalo Check Paper Flower Wreath
  • Gently curve the petals of the flower around a pencil to give it shape. The flower appears more realistic as a result.
  • Beginning at the outermost point of the spiral, begin rolling the paper together, maintaining an even flat edge throughout.
  • To secure the rolled layers in place, dab the circle’s center with hot glue and press the rolled portion into it.
  • Make a center if you’d like.
  • This time, I didn’t, but it would be adorable to add a tiny button or gemstone.
  • Attaching the flowers to the wreath shape with hot glue is the final step in creating this adorable wreath. Simple as pie!

Enjoy this project’s entertaining little video tutorial:

To have an excuse to add extra color, I also mixed in some tropical foliage. I used my Silhouette machine to cut things out as well.

Buffalo Check Paper Flower Wreath

I adore the way this wreath came out. It’s cheerful and ideal for summer. When autumn arrives, I plan to remove the flowers and create fresh ones with seasonal hues. Aww, wouldn’t that be adorable? And when Christmastime comes around, I might even take off the fall flowers and replace them with paper poinsettias. I adore a well-rounded project!

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