How to Make Paper Poppers

A wonderfully entertaining technique to fold paper that pops when banged down is with paper poppers.

That said, this craft is quite simple and enjoyable. I will demonstrate how to create paper poppers for you!

What’s A Paper Popper?

A paper popper is a piece of standard copy paper that has been folded and can be made to pop loudly by quickly moving your arm downward. You may use a paper popper repeatedly to produce the popping sound after you understand the simple processes involved in folding one. It is reusable as long as the paper doesn’t tear. I’ll take you step-by-step through the entire paper popper-making process.

All you need to construct a paper popper is a standard copy paper sheet.

This was a great use for a pack of thirty colorful sheets of computer paper that I purchased at Dollar Tree.

What’s A Paper Popper


What’s A Paper Popper
  • 8.5 x 11 inches of paper should be folded in half lengthwise (like a hot dog). To view the fold line in the center, open the paper once more.
  • To make the center folded line you just made, fold the top edge down.
  • In order to create a bar across the top, fold the top edge down once more to the center line.
  • Turn that entire bar over on its own.
  • Turn it over once more on itself.
  • With the visible portion of the bar on the outside, fold the paper in half lengthwise.
  • Turn the paper so that the open end is facing you and the bar is on the left. Take hold of the bar at the top folded end and pull down on one side, then pull up on the bar. The corners at the bottom will stand out as a result.
  • Pinch those two bottom corners in between your thumb and first finger, lining them up.

How To Make Paper Poppers Pop

To get your paper popper to pop, align the bar’s corner and the moving center section as follows:

How To Make Paper Poppers Pop

Next, firmly grasp the two pointed flaps, check that there is room in front of you, and then swiftly slam your hand downward to release the paper popper with a satisfying pop!

A video that explains every step of folding and popping a paper popper can be found here, in case any of these instructions were not obvious to you.

Paper Popper Instructions from Video

Isn’t that a lot of fun? Who would have thought that something so entertaining could be created with just a few paper folds? I adore paper poppers a lot. It’s just so much fun!

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