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Many torrent websites that allow us to download our beloved films have been mentioned to us. For downloading Bangla films, there is a well-known Bangladeshi torrent website called Mlsbd. The website does a wonderful job of making it easy for Bangladeshis to download Hollywood and Bollywood films. Although the government has banned this illegal torrent website, it is being run by unidentified controllers. The website offers some of the best services, including HD movie downloads and live video streaming. With all of these advantages, this torrent service is very popular among internet users who are busy downloading movies for entertainment or business purposes.

Features About MLSBD

All customers who intend to visit this illegal torrent website for the purpose of downloading movies and other content should be aware of some of its best features:


A large list of Bangla movies

One of this torrent website’s biggest features is this. Bangla speakers can visit this platform to download the films they want. They can get freshly released films on the internet as well.

High Definition content

Anything you try to download in HD quality from this page will be insufficient. Only downloaded movies that are in the greatest HD format, such as 1080p or 720p, can be enjoyed.

Live to a stream of movies

On this torrent service, users can take advantage of the live-streaming option for videos and movies. Due to its high-quality service, individuals from all around the world frequently utilize this torrent website.

Dubbed movies

As everyone is aware, this website primarily posts Bangla films. Other users can enjoy watching films made in an entirely alien language by accessing these Bangla films in various dubbed languages.

Categories About MLSBD

You will be astounded by the sheer amount of stuff available in the many categories on our torrent website. Your preferred movie or web series may be found in these categories on this torrent website. Some of this website’s categories are shown below:

Bangla movies

You may watch top-rated Bangla films on this website. Users will be able to download films in their whole in HD format from the category of Bangla films.

Bangla movies 2022

This website has recently released Bangla films available. The main page of the website features a category for recently released Bangla films. You might enjoy the Bangla films category because it includes all recently released Bangla films.

Bollywood movies

On this website, you may find the best collection of Bollywood films. You should navigate to the Bollywood category to find some of the most well-known Bollywood films available for download.

Hollywood movies

Here, users can download every Hollywood film in its entirety in HD format. All users try to find these Hollywood films, but they are unsuccessful. Download your favorite Hollywood film by selecting the Hollywood category.

South Indian movies

Here, you can download a variety of South Indian films. If you enjoy watching South Indian films, you should navigate to the category of South Indian films. All of the titles in the genre are critically acclaimed blockbusters.

TV serials and episodes

People who enjoy watching TV shows and episodes shouldn’t feel bad because the website will give them access to all the most recent shows and episodes. From this episode, viewers can download all the popular TV serial episodes.

Popular web series

Many viewers have expressed a strong interest in viewing web series. Nowadays, web series have taken the role of films and TV shows. Because of this, the website enables users to download a variety of well-known web series.

List of alternatives

Here are some of the top substitutes for this torrent website that consumers can utilise if Mlsbd isn’t functioning properly. Any of the following torrent websites can be used to download movies if there is a network barrier causing the issue.

300mb movies

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why Mlsbd is banned by the government?

The government has banned the unlawful torrent website Mlsbd due to copyright concerns. The website uploads unlawfully stolen copyrighted materials for consumers to download.

This torrent website is it suitable for teenagers?

Yes, Anyone can download movies and other content from this torrent service. Anyone can use our torrent service for free, but they must have a certain level of computer and internet literacy.

Why shouldn’t we utilize this torrent website?

Because this torrent website is blocked by the government and because its users risk being arrested for violating the legislation against piracy, we shouldn’t utilize it.

Why is this torrent website experiencing such high traffic?

This torrent website receives a lot of traffic simply because it makes recently released Hollywood and Bollywood movies available for free download by users.


This is to inform all of the readers of this page that they should refrain from utilizing the torrent website because doing so could hurt them. The website is unlawful and has a virus that can infect your computer. Your computer’s vital data could disappear. You can be charged by law enforcement for utilizing an illegal torrent website to download movies, therefore this unlawful website is to blame for bringing your terrible luck. You should get movies from any legitimate source rather than using this torrent service. On this E-mail fasterentry@gmail.com


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