Rolled Paper Flower Sign

Making rolled paper flowers is a lot of fun, and if you’ve ever tried creating large paper flowers where you cut out each petal separately, you’re in for a treat since these flowers come together much faster!

What you’ll need to build a rolled paper flower is:

  • Flower templates made of rolled paper (I used these three)
  • The Cricut Electronic Cutting Machine or Silhouette Cameo
  • Textured Cardstock
  • Gluesticks + Hot Glue Gun

Step 1

Get several distinct templates for rolled paper flowers from the Silhouette Design Store. Start Silhouette Studio and select the templates. Change the size. I created flowers in various sizes for this project, using three to four blooms on each 8.5 x 11′′ piece of cardstock. Trim.

Rolled Paper Flower Sign

This project can still be made without an electronic cutting machine. Just take a little longer. You’ll have to attempt manually cutting a form that resembles the ones shown.

Step 2

Round the petals over a pencil to give them shape.

Step 3

Roll up the blossom, beginning at the outside edge. Let go of the tension until the bloom is the same size as the circle in the centre. The rolled-up portion will be adhered to this base using glue. Apply hot glue on the circular and press the wrapped flower edges into the adhesive to firmly attach them.

Rolled Paper Flower Sign

Now is the perfect moment to put all of these lovely flowers you’ve made to use!

I used hot glue to adhere my rolled paper flowers into the shape of a heart on a blank wooden sign that I got from the craft store. Isn’t it happy?

Rolled Paper Flower Sign

Additionally, creating an animal out of the flowers or the initial letter of someone’s name would be adorable. This portion has countless potential applications. Let your imagination run wild!

This is not the first sign I have used rolled paper flowers to embellish. I created a patriotic-themed décor the previous year by adding red, white, and blue flowers to a USA mason jar. Putting a seasonal spin on this craft would be incredibly simple and adorable.

Rolled Paper Flower Sign


What kind of craft are you going to make using rolled paper flowers now that you know how to make them?

Rolled Paper Flower Sign

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